DJ Alejandro (Israel)

DJ Alejandro

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DJ Manuel Citro (Italy)

DJ Manuel Citro

DJ Ryan Miles (Spain)

DJ Ryan Miles

Iñaki Medina, better known by his stage name DJ Ryan Miles, is a recognised International Bachata DJ and producer. Born in Pamplona in 1983, his relentless and boundless passion for music, learning and creativity plunged him into the world of DJing and music production. He started mixing and producing electronic music 10 years ago, in 2006, inspired by the most renowned European trance & house music DJs, and seeking to convey feelings and emotions to people through his music. In 2016, he began learning Latin dance. The energy and sound of Bachata attracted him to a new work scenario. Determined to unite his passions, he started producing bachata remixes and quickly gained public recognition of the most important Bachata dancers thanks to remixes such as Flashlight-Jessie J, (released in July 2016) with more than 1million views on Youtube, Ya me entere- Reik (published in November 2016) or Attention - Charlie Puth (released in July 2017) . His popularity grows day by day. The quality of his work and the support he receives from top Bachata dancers, such as Daniel & Desiree, Luis & Andrea, Carlos Espinosa & Mª Angeles, Dario & Sara who dance his remixes worldwide, making him one of the most promising Bachata DJ and producer of the future. Nowadays is the producer of the Korke & Judith's last show, creators of the Bachata Sensual. If you are a bachata lover, you will always find the name of this DJ linked to his motto: Sensual is coming ... !
DJ Petak (Brno, Czech Republic)

DJ Petak

Brno, Czech Republic
DJ Petak comes from Brno where he has been teaching in the Dance Studio Stolarna for more than 10 years now. His passion for music and dancing has helped him to build a large Bachata community from scratch over the years. A few years ago, Petak started creating song remixes (Zouk, Kizomba, Bachata) and has become a renowned DJ. He has been working and sharing his passion with the best DJs and producers on many international events and parties.
DJ Tomquez (Ulm, Germany)

DJ Tomquez

Ulm, Germany
Music is passion!
This excitement is reflected in the stylish Bachata music by DJ Tomquez and is noticeable at every event. As a DJ, he is extremely attentive to his audience and able to anticipate his wishes and to inspire it with varied, refreshing and danceable music. Brand new hits and classics to Bachata, Bachata sensual, Bachata dominicana. You enjoy and celebrate - DJ Tomquez makes the music.
DJ to be announced soon (City, Country)

DJ to be announced soon

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